Rugby In A Nutshell

Rugby is a popular full contact outdoor sport, played around the world by both men and women and has two types, known as codes, Rugby League and Rugby Union. Rugby League was created from Rugby Union in 1895 in northern England and is played today in over 70 nations worldwide.

A Tale From A Team – Game Rules

A tale from a team or two teams of thirteen players to be exact. The primary objective is to score more points than the opposing team by scoring a try (where the ball carrying player, carries the ball and touches the ground over their opponents goal line), a conversion (a free kick at goal after a successful try) and goal kicks during the game. The opposing team must stop these attempts at point scoring by tackling the player carrying the ball.

A tale from a team trying to score. A tackle in progress.

Rugby tackles occur when the defending team need to stop their opponents ball carrier from gaining ground to score a Try. A tackle that is done above the neck is called a high tackle and results in the player being penalised. A tackle is deemed as completed when during the tackle; the ball arm makes contact with the ground, the ball carrier succumbs to the tackle and makes it clear he wishes to play the ball or a defender places a hand on the ball carrier on the ground. A tackle can occur standing and this type of tackle is completed when forward momentum has stopped.

Popularity Of The Game

The game of Rugby League is particularly popular in the North of England and was first played in 1895. Both professional and amateur teams have a good fan base which is continually rising. Teams have been set up outside of the North of England with only a little success into this code, Rugby Union being popular in the southern region of the country. Nowadays Rugby is so popular that it even can be seen on online casinos. There are actually slots with rugby themes. Would you like to check it out? Go through to se if you can get a good no deposit bonus.

Trophies To Play For

There are two main club competitions in the UK named the Super League and the Challenge Cup (usually preceded by the sponsors name). The two individual player awards are the Lance Todd Trophy which is awarded to the man of the match in the Challenge Cup Final and the Man of Steel Award which is given annually to the best player in the Super League.