Rugby For Beginners

Rugby is a sport that has a very colourful history. The game or versions of it are believed to have been in existence from as far back as two thousand years ago. The earliest mentions of ball games that resembled rugby were in the form of mob or folk football. These games were normally played between two villages using a pigskin ball. The games had no restrictions on the number of players or their gender. This meant that the whole village was allowed to play. In this article on Rugby for beginners, we will look at how much the game has changed since then.

The Rules of Rugby

Rugby gained international recognition as a sport in 1905, it is now also recognized as an Olympic sport. The game has become quite organized since its humble beginnings and is now structured under one international body, World Rugby. This body is mandated with the control and enforcement of the rules and regulations of the game. Learning the rules of rugby for beginners can sometimes be a little challenging. They get easier to understand with frequent practice and interaction with the game.

The rule book on rugby covers every single aspect of the game including how to play. The major areas covered in the rules include; Equipment and uniform, Match Officials, how to earn points, Starts and restarts. They also define the games basic terms that are used during play such as Ground-ball, Tackles, Rucks, Mauls and Scrums. As a beginner it is important to do some research in order to acquaint yourself with these terms.

How To Play Rugby

Here are the basics of playing rugby for beginners. The game is usually played by two separate teams of 15 players. The team that manages to score the most points after 80 minutes is declared the winner. There are four basic ways to score points during the game. A try is worth 5 points; every conversion awarded after a try is made is worth 2 extra points. When a mistake is made by the opposing team a penalty kick worth 3 points is awarded. Finally, a successful drop is worth 3 points.

The fifteen players in a rugby team are split into two basic units, the forwards and the backs. The backs are made up of seven players, 2 wingers, a fullback, scrum-half and 2 centers. The hooker, 8th man, prop, flankers and second rows make up the 8 forwards. A standard rugby pitch is divided into three sections. There are two dead goal areas and a central area which should not be more than 100 meters.

The Thrill of Rugby For beginners

Interesting Rugby Facts

There are very many interesting and fun facts about the game of rugby. Basketball was invented as a way to keep rugby players in shape during their offseason. It is a popular practice to sing national anthems before the commencement of many sporting events. Did you know, that this practice began at a rugby game in 1905? It caught on and has since become a norm at most games and sporting events. The game of rugby is full of sentiments and tradition and that is the reason the Gil Evans whistle has been used for the first game in every Rugby World Cup match since 1905.
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