Memorable Games

Sporting games are an essential part of life for learning rules, teamwork, and to improve our health and fitness. Rugby is a full-contact sport, which involves two opposing teams competing in an attempt to score points. There are two types of Rugby – Rugby League and Rugby Union. The games are similar but have slightly different rules, as Rugby League was created from Rugby Union way back in189.

Games to remember: a rugby tackle in progress

Games To Remember – Benefits Of Playing Rugby

You won’t forget the way in which playing Rugby will transform your body. The game will help you build strength and flexibility, increase bone density and build resilience. It will also improve the cardiovascular system and help you develop endurance and speed. Apart from the physical benefits, it is one of those games to remember when you want to reduce stress, build discipline and improve your mood. Today, children are taught to play Rugby in schools to teach them discipline, teamwork, and resilience.

The Rules Of Rugby

There are two teams of 13 to 15 players apiece, depending on which type you are playing. The primary objective is to run holding the ball, to the opponent’s goal line and place it down, to score a try. After each successive try, the team get a free kick at the goal, called a conversion. The opposing team must attempt to stop them from scoring points by tackling the ball carrying player.